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SB-88 Award

Inspired by the success of our BBC LS3/6, the Stirling Broadcast SB-88 is a two-way loudspeaker designed by Derek Hughes. It draws on his decades of experience in reference quality loudspeaker design which began with his work for the BBC in the 1970s. Derek’s design has retained the essential character of the LS3/6 by using the same low and high frequency custom drive units and a special high quality crossover. The SB-88 cabinets use the same thin wall 9mm birch plywood as used in our acclaimed LS3/6 and LS3/5a loudspeakers. Double thickness rubber pads dampen cabinet wall resonances and acoustic foam controls internal standing waves.

The result is a low colouration yet dynamic and involving loudspeaker which exhibits excellent stereo imaging and a wonderful fluid vocal quality. Sitting perfectly between our LS3/5A and the LS3/6, the SB-88 is ideal for applications where the LS3/6 is too large. It sounds extremely similar to the LS3/6, giving just little away to its larger brother in the bass and extreme high frequency areas. Although designed with the domestic user in mind, the SB-88 has also found favour with professionals.

The new speaker ideally requires 480mm high stands, such as those supplied by Something Solid. 

Technical Specifications

Power handling:

90w continuous, 150w short term, IEC268

Max sound level:

107dB, pair @2m

Input impedance:

8 ohms nominal

Input connections:

Bi-wire, 4mm terminals (plugs/wires to 4mm cross sectional area)

Freq. response:

48Hz to 18kHz +/-3dB (on HF axis @1m)





Cabinet details:

Reflex loaded. 270mm (w) x 300mm (d) x 500mm (h)


14.4kg (shipping weight 22kg each)

Veneers available:

Cherry, Cherry Special, Ebony Tiger Stripe, Walnut, Rosewood 

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